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C.R. Loco Kits - Class 300

Scale drawing of CL08

CL08 New!!   4mm scale Class 300 0-6-0 locomotive and 3000 gallon tender (type P2)

C.R. numbers 300-324, 294-299, 280, 281, 670-679; L.M.S. numbers 17650-17692

Pickersgill's (the Caledonian's last CME) final development of the line of Caledonian 0-6-0 engines, the Class 300 was introduced in 1918 and gave long service with the last being withdrawn in 1963 at the end of Caledonian steam.

With a higher set boiler than the Class 812, 'teardrop' cab windows and tender coal-rails they were quite distinctive among the various classes of Caley 0-6-0. Built only with steam brake they were a goods-only engine except for a few which were vacuum fitted by the LMS latter on. Most were superheated by the LMS.

This kit is currently in development and will feature a resin-cast one-piece smokebox/boiler/firebox. A few teasers of the fittings being developed for the kit are appended and expressions of interest are welcome at this stage.

November 2020 Update: Sorry not going to make Christmas 2020 as originally projected. This is down mainly to constraints on my time. Being classed as an essential worker in my 'real' job I've been very busy all through the restrictions caused by COVID-19 and continue to be so. Progress is however still being made and the kit will now hopefully be available in the first half of 2021.

Class 300 fittings  Class 300 fittings  Class 300 fittings  Class 300 fittings

Class 300 fittings in development

Class 300 Number 17655 

Couldn't help but add this wonderfully evocative photo of 17655.

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All photographs on this site unless otherwise credited are from the collection of Jim Smellie.

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